Miss Kinders Alphabet Posters

Alphabet Activities

Sometimes when we are trying to think of new ways to make alphabet letter and sound practice interesting, we forget that our alphabet posters aren't just classroom decor. Here are some games and activities to keep some variety in your classroom...
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Miss Kinders St. Patrick's Day

Magical March

I'm a Saint Patrick's Day baby...so maybe that's why I go all out for this holiday!  But, there is so much material for young kids that I start at the beginning of March and build up the excitement.  Ireland is a land with many legends and...
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Using YouTube in Your Classroom

I’m going to show you how YouTube is one of your best friends in the classroom. In kindergarten, you have a unique situation where the kids have a short attention span and get bored easily, yet they require a lot of repetition. How do you accomplish that...
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A Plea for Play

This is an excerpt from the U.S. Department of Education’s article “Crisis In the Kindergarten.”  It discusses the need for unstructured play time and why it is important academically. Research shows that cutting out play does not benefit...
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